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Women’s Day 2021 - # Choose to Challenge
- Dr. Savita B. Hosur, Coordinator, IQAC, SKIT
8th March 2021

#ChoosetoChallenge – a Challenged world is an alert world and from Challenge comes Change. In accordance to the theme, the Women’s Cell of the Sri Krishna Institute of Technology celebrated International Women’s day on 8 th March 2021 with a grand endeavour. The event was graced by three Chief Guests, who have challenged themselves in all the stages of life and emerged with flying colours. One of the Chief Guest, Dr. Rekha S K, reminisced on her experiences; all the challenges she faced in her life and what led her to taste the fruit of success.

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- Prof. Chaitra A S, HOD, EEE dept, SKIT, Bangalore
4th August 2021

Humankind is presently facing one of the worst situation-COVID-19. Coronavirus has affected day-to-day life and is slowing down the global economy. The pandemic has affected thousands of people who are either sick or killed due to the spread of this disease. The virus has changed the way we work, play, and learn. The people in India and across the globe are in the sense of anxiety or stress due to this pandemic. It has created several interferences in everyday people’s lives from their work schedules, uncertain future, health, etc. This Covid-19 has also made a significant impact on the education.

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A Panorama of Computer Programming Technology
- Dr. Shantharam Nayak, Professor & HoD (CSE-SKIT)
4th August 2021

Some technological inventions have affected our life significantly in the past decades, especially computers. Computers indeed provide us a more convenient life. The computer allows us to deal with many documents faster. The Era of the internet makes the life of the user comfortable in their day-to-day activities. Learning and managing computer programming technologies is an essential component of modern education. Nowadays, we rely more on technology than our brains to get through the day. We skim through a lot of information as it is just.

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