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Need of the hour – Positivity in tough times!!
Dr.Savita B. Hosur Coordinator, IQAC SKIT"

Yes…we all are going through a tough time. In fact, I can say that we are facing an unprecedented situation…Pandemic!! We also know that Humanity has already survived through the earlier pandemics viz., Spanish flu, cholera pandemic, Asian flu, swine flu and many more. With the similar conviction, we too can go through this tough situation with fierce determination and kindness. This reminds me of the song from I was taught at my school.

We shall overcome….We shall overcome….Someday…
Oh, deep in my heart….I do believe….We shall overcome some day !

We all love the beautiful summers, chilling winters, rainy days, happy faces during our festivals, our schools and colleges full of students, teachers, lovely events in the institutes and the list continues. The pandemic has disrupted our existence. In order to prevent the spread, we have lost our freedom to practices like isolation and social distancing, causing mental and physical displeasure. This pandemic has challenged in many ways and we have two paths to ahead of us – to face it with optimism or face it with pessimism. So, lets make a better choice.

Positivity can move mountains is a strong belief. It is easily said, “Stay positive, everything will be fine”. Whereas, the sea level of thoughts dwelling in our mind is the obstruction to this ideology. This sentence does not diminish the difficulty or challenges being faced; in fact it only gives the strength to get through it. One should always look for a silver lining, by making a conscious effort of staying positive and saving oneself from the fear, worry, anxiety, agony, depression and stress. Remember, nothing is everlasting.

Here are my suggestions to look on the brighter side of life during this situation:

1. Foremost, lets limit the media intake – We know, we all certainly need the awareness of the current situation, its happenings and so on. Being able to filter unnecessary information is important. The negative information effects our mental health. Being scared doesn’t change the situation and instead it reduces our immunity level. So, keep away from news and conversations that induce negativity, and this will be your very first step towards a positive life.

2. Keep learning – We can see that many universities, institutes are offering free courses or reduced the fees of the courses. So, just join and utilize them to the maximum extent. Learning doesn’t mean it is limited to academics, one can learn a new language, a dance form, a song to sing, recipe to cook, make a YouTube channel and many more.

3. Practice Gratitude – Even at this darkest hour, when life seems to be at bleak, we still have some things around us for which we can be grateful, acknowledge the goodness in our lives. We should be grateful for the shelter and roof we have over our head to keep us safe and warm, for the nutritious food we have, family and friends being around us. Writing things down can be a great outlet for emotions and a simple way to realize the things we need to be grateful for. Don’t forget to practice gratitude meditation. Always do remember Gratitude is the BEST Attitude!

4. Make time for yourself “Self-care” – Yes, this is the time you need to look more on yourself. Be active. Do exercises, yoga. This should be a daily routine. Apart from its physical benefits, exercising releases endorphins in your body, which trigger feelings of positivity. So, plan your day ahead and stick to schedules, but never skip the activity.

5. Learn to meditate – Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. And scientific studies have proven that the practice of meditation helps one live longer, calmer, healthier lives. Now, in this situation there are several options available online. Find a quiet and happy corner in the house and learn this skill. This certainly boosts the immunity and helps to stay strong and positive.

6. Stay connected with positive people – of course digitally! – We all know that we need to maintain social distancing, but this doesn’t mean that we should be disconnected from our friends and families. This connection can be continued with the help of digital world .i.e. social media. Make sure that you take the responsibility of speaking and staying positive with your peers. There are many events taking place virtually, so those can be attended from your place.

7. Explore your “hidden” Self – Pick up a hobby – Just try to remember your childhood wish, love for something you wished to be. So, it’s the time to re-discover your hobby. You can read the books, write something, learn new music or an instrument to play, cooking, painting, drawing, brainstorm any entrepreneurship idea, etc.

8. Get a beautiful sleep – Actually, Sleep is a vital which is often neglected, component of every person's overall health and well-being. Whether you are working from home or studying online, you are obviously saving your commute time and in fact you get more time to relax. A good sleep is very important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day.

9. Try to help the needy – We all know we are in storm, but remember we are NOT in the same boat. So, try to help, by supporting any NGO, volunteering the local initiatives, being an helping hand for the elderly, needy neighbors. Motivate your friends through your positive words.

10. Don’t forget to DREAM – Whatever maybe the situation, don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Always keep dreaming, BIG. Keep the plans ready to accomplish the BIG things, stay focused, keep moving towards your goals and most important believe in yourself. So just follow your dreams, they know the way!!

11. Smile – This five letter word is a free therapy! Keep smiling behind your MASKS too because we all know that a smiling face is a beautiful face and a smiling heart is a happy heart.