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College CET CODE E112

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell

About ED - Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell at SKIT constantly provides a helping hand in encouraging and motivating all the budding entrepreneurs who will be out there as Startups. It is an established platform which strives to mould many vibrant and enthusiastic students into successful entrepreneurs. Its success lies in the identification of ideas and implementing them. ED-Cell at SKIT aims at unearthing potential entrepreneurs who would love to create an impact to the society by instigating a change. Besides kindling the latent entrepreneurship skills in young minds, we also provide them with ample opportunities to fine tune themselves, so that they could make a change for the betterment of our society. We aim at inspiring minds to come up with innovative ideas to solve the existing problems in our society.

The Vision

To be a resource, guidance and motivation center in SKIT, where successful world – class entrepreneurs are created and nurtured.

The Mission

To prepare the students of SKIT, to be successful entrepreneurs who have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to create, manage and expand, future enterprises with the support of National Entrepreneurship Network.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • To create greater awareness of opportunities and benefits of entrepreneurship among the students, to make them realize their dream business through innovative products and to develop greater entrepreneurial culture within the institution.
  • To create greater number of sustainable startup business with potential for further growth.
  • To create awareness among students on industrial business and on the availability of financial assistance enabling them to start their own industrial ventures.

Memorandum of Understating

  • KASSIA, Bangalore
  • EDII, Ahmadabad.
  • Universal Power Controls, DBSON, Tumkur.

Activities Organized

  • Ed-Cell, SKIT, Organized “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” on 16th May 2018 Sponsored by ED-Cell, VTU, Belagavi
  • ED-Cell, SKIT organized “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” for final year Students on 12th October 2018 sponsored by EDII, Ahmadabad
  • ED-Cell, SKIT Conducted Induction Program on “Android App Development” by Mr. Praveen Kumar. C, Chief –Coordinator, Ed-Cell. SKIT.

ED - Cell Committee

Sl.No Name of the Member Designation Department Phone Number
1. Dr. A. Manjunatha Chairman SKIT 9448278564
2. Mrs. Vinutha. S Convener Electrical & Electronics 7483792649
3. Ms. Sindhu. G Member Information Science & Engineering 8095181543
4. Mr. Rajesh S C Member Mechanical Engineering 7204365900
5. Mrs. Sushma Member Computer Science & Engineering 8618857599
6. Mrs. Shilpa Vantakar Member Computer Science & Engineering 9986730711