College CET CODE 112


The internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) is significant administrative Body that is responsible for all quality matters in the Institute. Its prime responsibility is to initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of education imparted in the Institution. IQAC maintains quality standards in teaching, learning and evaluation.


  • The members should check the TLP of all the faculties.
  • The members should check the course plan of each faculty for each subject.
  • The soft copy and hardcopy of the notes should be ready before the semester starts.
  • The lesson plan and the syllabus covered should be cross checked.
  • Fortnightly syllabus should be cross checked and updated.
  • During class hours junior staff classes should be visited and suggestions should be given for improvement.
  • Overall the TL-Process should be improved.
  • Also the lab facilities and equipments should be cross checked.
Sl.No Name of the Member Designation Department Contact No.
1. Dr. A. Manjunatha Chairman/Principal Sri Krishna Institute of Technology 9448278564
2. Dr. Savita B Hosur Convener Basic Science(Physics) 9449074700
3. Mrs. Geetha Megharaj Member Computer Science & Engineering 9342538775
4. Mr. Krishne Gowda.B.M Member Mechanical Engineering 7022969478
5. Mrs.Avinash Member Electrical & Electronics 9964076084
6. Ms Yashaswini Member Civil Engineering 8970177613
7. Mrs Manjula Member Information Science 9538161888