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College CET CODE E112

Report on Student Induction Program 2021-2022

The induction program for the first-year admitted students for the academic year 2021-2022 was conducted from 20/12/2021 to 29/12/2021. Various events have been organized throughout this program.

Mainly Events of Induction Program were

  • Talk on Academic/Non-academic matter
  • Expert talks / Lectures
  • Hands on sessions on Soft skills
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Activities
  • Universal Human Values
  • Yogasana and Pranayama etc

Objectives of SIP

  • Make the students feel comfortable in the new environment.
  • Allow them to explore their academic interests and activities.
  • Reduce competition and make them work for excellence.
  • Build a strong relationship between teachers and students.
  • Give a broader view of life.