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College CET CODE E112

Computer Laboratory

Machine Learning Lab

In machine learning lab, students learn various algorithms to design and implement machine learning solutions to classifications, regression and clustering problems.

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab / Microprocessor Lab

The Analog and Digital Electronics Lab is well equipped with digital trainer kits, CRO’s, signal generators. This lab facilitates students to observe working of various electronic components and design Electronic Circuits and Digital Circuits.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab helps students to learn and enhance their Assembly Level Language programming skills for 8086 Microprocessor and ARM Microcontroller. Also they learn to interface microprocessor with external devices.

Computer Programming Lab / System Software and Operating systems Lab

In computer programming lab, students will gain knowledge of C programming language to understand various programming constructs for application development.

In System Software and Operating systems Lab students implement and demonstrate Lexer and parser using Lex and Yacc tools to learn Compiler Design concepts and implement different Operating System algorithms for memory management,process scheduling and memory allocation of jobs using Java/C++/C.

Design and Analysis of Algorithm / Data Structures Lab

Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab focuses on the analytical ability and problem solving techniques.

In Data Structures Lab students learn to implement various Data structures to organize and store data in computer memory and to access and manipulate data efficiently.

Computer Network Lab / Web Lab

In Computer Network lab, students gain knowledge about networking protocols, simulation and performance of different protocols by making use of NS-2 simulation Toolkit.

Web lab helps students to expertise in web design to develop web pages using various technologies viz., Java Script, HTML, CSS.

Data Base Management Systems / Computer Graphics LAB

In Database Management System Lab students learn Oracle DBMS with SQL queries and they develop miniproject which helps them to enhance their programming skills and project handling capability. The lab is equipped with latest configured computer systems with licensed software.

In Computer Graphics Lab students learn Graphics Programming using OpenGL and they develop Computer Graphics applications for modeling and visualizing dynamic features of real world objects.