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Memberships of Professional Bodies:

  1. Indian Library Association(ILA)
  2. Karnataka Library Association(KALA)

Publications: International Journals

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International Conference

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National Conference:

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  4. Gangadhar, K.C., Nagaraja, A .“Open Access E-Resources in Engineering and Technology" National Seminar on “Electronic Resources in Academic and Research Libraries” organized by Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupathi held during 26th-27th March, 2012.
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Workshops / Seminars / FDPs (Attended / Conducted):

  1. RGUHS seminar on Professional Standards and Quality Improvements in Health Science libraries.
  2. National seminar on „Information/knowledge organization in humanities‟ organized by SRELS and MSRIM.
  3. National workshop on library and information services for quality higher education organized by NAAC at MSRIT.
  4. DELNET workshop on DELNET services at MSRIM.
  5. National workshop on Institutional Repositories at MSRMC.
  6. National workshop on Content Management at IISc., Bangalore.
  7. National workshop on Engineering Librarianship at NMIT, Bangalore.
  8. National workshop on Use of Electronic Resources at DSIT ,Bangalore.
  9. Natioanal seminar on Digital Library Information Systems and Services at RNSIT, Bangalore.
  10. VTU National Seminar 2015.