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Mechanical Engineering

The department was established in the year 2004 with full fledged teaching faculty and supported by experienced technical staff. The members of the staff of the department work with full dedication keeping the students interest in mind. The well equipped laboratories & devoted efforts by the staff have always reflected in the good performance of our students in university exams.

The infrastructure in the department include Basic Workshops, CAED lab, Material Testing Lab, Foundry & Forging lab, Measurements & Metrology lab, Machine Shop, CAD/CAM lab, Fluid Machinery lab, Energy Conversion lab, Design Lab and Heat Transfer lab. All the labs have state of art equipments of world class.

CAED lab was established in the year 2006-07 where the conventional drafting is made easier using the software Solid Edge.The CAD / CAM laboratory provides practical training to the students so as to develop skills in Drafting, 2D & 3D Surface and Solid modeling and Analysis as per the syllabus prescribed by the VTU.The lab is equipped with Pentium – IV computers with latest configuration and is fully networked with adequate UPS back-up facility. All the software’s are licensed and are being upgraded so as to keep pace with changing technologies. Here the students are exposed to the latest mechanical software’s like AutoCAD, Ansys, Solid Edge and other manufacturing simulation software’s. Machine shop which is an integral part of the department has a good collection of the state of art Machines to meet the cutting edge technology requirement. Energy Conversion Lab is one of the important organs of mechanical department with good facilities. The lab resources include the infrastructure as prescribed by the university. One can carry out research in various fields of energy conversion and heat transfer.


Mechanical Department aims to provide quality education with a strong foundation in fundamental principles of Engineering, blended with professional and ethical responsibilities for the betterment of the society as a whole.


“The Mechanical Engineering Department strives to be recognized globally for outstanding education and research leading to well-qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of engineering and research”.

Mr. Sreenivasan A.

Associate Professor & HOD

Qualification: B.E, M.E,(Ph.D)

Experience: Teaching 27 years.

Area of Interest: Machine design

Email Id: sreeanjan@yahoo.co.in

Teaching Staff

Sl.No Faculty name Designation
1 Mr. Sreenivasan.A Associate Professor & HOD
2 Dr. K. M. Kenchi Reddy Professor
3 Dr. S. V. Prakash Professor & Dean
4 Mr. Krishne Gowda. B.M Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Chandraiah M.T Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Suresh Raddy Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Yathiraj K Assistant Professor
8 Mrs. Nithya Aparna Assistant Professor
9 Mr. Pramod.S.N Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Deepak.S Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Harendra kumar H.V. Assistant Professor
12 Mr. Dinesh.P Assistant Professor
13 Mr. Paramesha Assistant Professor
14 Mr. Gopal Krishna Assistant Professor
15 Mr. Shankare Gowda.K.C Assistant Professor
16 Mr. Navinesh Assistant Professor
17 Mr. Shreedhar H.S Assistant Professor
18 Mr. Arun kumar K.B Assistant Professor
19 Mr. Basavaraju marigowda Assistant Professor
20 Mr. Nithyananda Hollour Assistant Professor

Non Teaching Staff

Sl.No Staff Name Designation
1 Mr. Krishna Prasad Instructor
2 Mr. Rao prakash Instructor
3 Mr. Rangaswamy K H Instructor
4 Mr. Anthappa Instructor
5 Mr. Jayarame Gowda Instructor
6 Mr. Ravi Kumar Instructor
7 Mr. Kiran kumar Instructor

People Involved in Research:

1 Mechanical Engg. 1 9

Details of National / International Journals

Sl. no Date Details of Journals Title of the Paper Volume Details Page number Staff Name
1 May 2014. IJESIT The effect of microstructure on abrasive wear of hardfacing alloys Vol.3 Issue 3 Sreenivasan .A
2 June 2014 Global Journal of Engg. Science & research Some studies of hardfacing and metallurgical properties of mild steel using SMAW arc welding process. Vol.7 Issue 4 Sreenivasan .A
3 May 2014 International Journal of Engg. Science & Innovative technology The effect of microstructure on abrasive wear of hardfacing alloys. Vol.3 Issue 3 Sreenivasan .A
4 May 2014 IJESRT Study on wear characteristics of Fe-Cr-C hardfacing alloy and effect of weldiong parameters. Vol.3 Issue 5 Dr.K.M Kenchi Reddy
5 May 2014 IJESIT The effect of microstructure on abrasive wear of hardfacing alloys. Vol 3, Issue 3 Dr.K.M Kenchi Reddy
6 June 2014 Global Journal of Engg. Science & research Some studies of hardfacing and metallurgical properties of mild steel using SMAW arc welding process. Vol.7 Issue 4 Dr.K.M Kenchi Reddy

Details of Workshop / Seminar Attended

Sl. no Date Details of Workshop/Seminar Attended Staff Attended
1 30th May 2014 One day seminar on Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) at CMTI, Bangalore. Chandraiah M.T
2 20th July 2014 Tips to Research Scholars. Chandraiah M.T
3 20th July 2014 Tips to Research Scholars. A.R Mohan Kumar
4 18th & 19th Dec 2015 FDP on CNC Programming,simulation & Hands on experience. Deepak.S
5 18th & 19th Dec 2015 FDP on CNC Programming,simulation & Hands on experience. Harendra Kumar H.V
Lab Details:

MACHINE SHOP: This lab has Lathe, Milling Machine , Grinding Machine and Drilling Machine and the students undergo training on all these machines and learn operations like plain turning, step turning, grooving, taper turning, thread cutting, gear cutting, knurling etc.,

FLUID MECHANICS & MACHINES LAB: This lab has all flow measuring equipments, Pumps, turbines and Air Compressor and the students conduct experiments and find the efficiency of Pumps & Turbines and also caliberate the flow measuring equipments.

M T LAB: Material testing lab has equipments like Universal testing machine of 40T capacity, Torsion testing machine, Hardness testing machine, Wear testing machine, ultrasonic crack testing device and so on.

E C LAB: Energy conversion lab has all types of IC Engines like two stroke, four stroke, Petrol, Diesel and also multi cylinder Engines, all types of viscometers like redwood viscometer, Saybolt viscometer and Boys gas Calorimeter etc.,

WORKSHOP PRACTICE: Work shop facilitates the students to learn basic workshops like fitting, welding along with carpentry and sheet metal works.

CAED & CAMD LAB: Computer aided Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Machine Drawing is taught with the latest software Solid Edge V20.

CAD/CAM LAB: CAD/CAM Lab has latest hardware and softwares like Ansys which is presently used for Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Lab. This lab also has manufacturing software for simulation.

FOUNDRY & FORGING LAB: Foundry and forging lab has experiments related to forging operations, Moulding with patterns and without patterns, sand testing equipments and a furnamec for demonstration of melting and casting.