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Computer Science

The department of CSE was started in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 and increased to 120 in 2012. Since then the department is striding in a progressive path. The department has a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members.

The department has well equipped laboratories with state of the art computing facilities installed with the necessary licensed software. The department is helping the students in getting exposure to the cutting edge technologies.

Students performance in the university examinations is excellent. Students counseling is conducted in the department for the benefit of students to discuss personal and career problems. Academic progress report of the students is monitored and communicated to their parents. Students are encouraged to participate to seminars, paper presentations, cultural activities and sports.

The department has achieved nearly 80% placement among the eligible students by reputed companies like Infosys, Wipro, Emphasis, Honeywell, Oracle etc……..


To create IT enabled engineers manifesting in Excellence with extraordinary progress and to give bright and challenging future to deserving and merited students.


To impact quality education to cater to the needs of industries, R & D Organization and to create knowledgeable and competent Engineers of global stand.


FOCUS (FORUM ON COMPUTER SCIENCE UNDER GRADUATE STUDENTS) --- Hobby Club started in the year January 2010. The aim of the forum is to develop ways and means by which the basic academic values and perceptions remain active and dynamic among the students.

We, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, conducted one day Seminar on “Mesh Networks” on 3rd October 2012. One hundred and Ten (110) participants from various Institutions (SKIT/SKP and other Institutions) were present on the occasion.

The Speakers for the Seminar were:

1. Dr.Suresh M.B, HOD-ISE, EWIT, Bengaluru

2. Prof.Suresh, Department of CSE, SVCE, Bengaluru

3. Dr.Sunil Kumar S Manvi, Dean(R&D), Reva IT, Bengaluru

Dr. Jagadeesh Gowda K. S.

Professor & HOD

Qualification: B.E. M.Tech, Ph.D

Experience: Teaching 20 years, Research 2 years

Area of Interest: Network Security

No. of Ph.D. Scholars: 02

Email Id: ksj_20012002@yahoo.co.in

Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff

Under Construction

Research Activities:

1 Computer Science & Engineering 01 03

Details of National / International Journals

1 16-04-2014 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Robotic Analysis of Breast Cancer Genes. ISSN:2320-9798 (PRINT) ISSN:2320-9801 (ONLINE) Mrs.Naganandini.G Dr.K.S.Jagadeesh Mr. Vishwanatha
2 16-04-2014 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering. Classification of gene and G2P tool translator using WAMP server ISSN:2320-9798 (PRINT) ISSN:2320-9801 (ONLINE) Mr. Vishwanatha Dr.K.S.Jagadeesh Mrs.Naganandini.G
3 10-07-2014 Elsevier science & Technology publications Gene to protein virtual translator & drug targets in human pathogen 2014/553 Mr. Vishwanatha Dr.K.S.Jagadeesh Mrs.Hemavathy.R

Details of National / International Journals:

1 12-14 Jun 2014 International Conference ICC-2014 held in ACE,Bengaluru Gene to protein virtual translator & drug targets in human pathogen Mr. Vishwanatha Dr.K.S.Jagadeesh Mrs. Hemavathy.R
2 21-22 Apr 2014 International Conference ACCE-2014 held in VIT,Bengaluru Robotic Analysis of Breast Cancer Genes Mrs. Naganandini.G Dr.K.S.Jagadeesh Mr. Vishwanatha
Lab Details:

In the even semester this lab is used for Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab for IVthsem which focuses on the analytical ability and problem solving techniques. File Structures Lab for VIthsem concentrates on files, file operations and buffers which is programmed using C++ .

In the odd semester, this lab is used as Network Lab for VIIthsem and System Software/Operating System for Vth sem.

Electronic Circuits and Logic Design Lab handled for IIIrdsem mainly concentrates on different hardware experiments to calculate forward bias and reverse bias, amplifiers, registers etc. The lab is equipped with well furnished equipments to handle the intake of 60 students.

In the even semester, this lab is used for Software Testing for VIth sem along with the Project for VIIIth semester students. Software Testing lab is newly introduced in the current semester for students to learn the various levels involved in Testing along with programming skills.

In the odd semester, Database Management System Lab is handled for Vth semester students and Programming in Web Lab for VIIth sem students. DBMS lab concentrates on SQL along with Oracle. Web lab helps in designing web pages using different tags.

In the even semester, this lab is used for Microprocessor for IVth sem students. In this lab the programs are executed in Assembly language using MASM software. IT gives an idea of interfacing external peripherals to 8086 Microprocessor.

In the odd semester, this lab is also used for Software part of Electronic circuits and Logic Design Lab by using PSPICE.

In the even semester, this lab is used for Computer Concepts and C Programming which is handled for Ist/IInd semester students. This lab will be the foundation for all the students of all the branches which concentrates on basic C programming.

In the odd semester, this lab is used for Data Structures with Object Oriented Programming using C/C++.