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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering fields. Civil Engineering is all about the infrastructural development and design techniques. The root of civilization is based on civil engineering. If there is no growth in the infrastructure of a country, one cannot think of growth in any sector. One of the greatest engineering legends from India, Sir. M. Vishwesharayya who has been honored with the knighthood by the queen of England is basically a civil engineer.

Now a days, as we know India is a developing country and it is taking many infrastructural development works in urban as well as in rural areas. As such, infrastructural projects require well qualified and skilled civil engineers. Our college has started Civil Engineering branch from the academic year 2010 – 2011 with the intake of 60 students and from the academic year 2011-2012 with the intake of 120 students to cater the needs of the society in the present context. Mission: To offer world-class undergraduate education, research guidance, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering.


To offer world-class undergraduate education, research guidance, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering.


To be the best of new ideas and innovations in Civil Engineering. It will advance knowledge and scholarship to students in science, technology and equip them to handle the challenges of the nation.


Professor & HOD

Qualification: B.E, M.E, Ph.D.

Experience: Teaching 23 years, Research 5 years

Area of Interest: Structures

Email Id: nareshk2365@gmail.com

Teaching Staff

Sl.No Faculty name Designation
1 Dr.Naresh K Professor & HOD
2 Prof.Shankaraiah Associate Professor
3 Ms. Yashaswini R V Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Manjunath N. K Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Madhu Kumar V T Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Harish Gowda R Patil Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Shiva Prasad D G Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Shiva Shankar Assistant Professor
9 Ms. Renuka H R Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Raghavendra H. J Assistant Professor
11 Mrs. Sharanya Assistant Professor
12 Ms. Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor
13 Ms. Priyankashri Assistant Professor
14 Mr. Vinod .M Assistant Professor
15 Dr. Sathish .K Assistant Professor
16 Mr. Shiva Jyothi Assistant Professor
17 Ms. Saritha Assistant Professor
18 Mr. Jayanth Kumar Assistant Professor

Non Teaching Staff

Sl.No Staff Name Designation
1 Ms. Asha M Instructor
2 Mr. Vinod Kumar Instructor
3 Mr. Divakar Instructor

People Involved in Research:

1 Civil Engg. 02 04

Details of International /National Conferences

SL. NO. Date Details of International/National Conference Title of the Paper Staff Name
1 20/02/15. 4th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Technologies, ETET-2015 DEFLUORIDATION OF DRINKING WATER USING TAMARINDOUS INDICA AND ZEA MAYS AS ADSORBENTS Mohana Kumara P K
Lab Details:

Basic Material Testing Lab Basic Material Testing laboratory is well equipped with instruments like Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Impact, Hardness and Shear testing machines. Etc

Surveying Practice Laboratory The laboratory is well equipped with modernized instruments like Theodolite, Dumpy level, plane table etc…

Applied Engineering Geology Laboratory Applied Engineering Geology Laboratory has been established for enhancing the Knowledge of Civil Engineering students in the field of Geology. The laboratory is well established with Modern Charts along with 200 Rocks and Mineral specimens from various parts of India.

Fluid Machinery Laboratory Fluid Machinery Laboratory is well equipped with Various Turbo machines like Pelton wheel, Kaplan Turbine, Francis turbine, Centrifugal pumps and other flow measuring devices.

Computer Aided Drawing Laboratory Civil Engineering Drawings are Practiced to the students through software’s such as Auto Cad ,Staad-Pro etc.